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One on One Photography courses and Photography lessons by Detroit Photography Training, the "hands on" photography classes that will get you up to speed fast!

Whether your goal is to be a professional photographer or to just learn what you really need to get started in photography, Detroit Photography Training is the place to start.


Beginning Photography Course.

Beginning photography lessons start with an overview of camera types, styles and features, followed by a look at digital file types, workflows and photo organizational software. We then delve into exposure, what it is, how to get it right and what controls to use for each situation you are likely to encounter. By the end of this class you will have a solid understanding of digital cameras (compact and DSLR), their features, which best suits your needs and the basics of using either style camera.

   Fee: $199                  Schedule your private one on one class now!



Intermediate Photography Course.

Intermediate photography lessons build on the information in the beginning photography course, starting with lens selection and perspectives and working through on-camera flash use and techniques. We also take a look at building images with solid composition techniques and using different shutter/ aperture techniques. By the end of this class you will have a complete understanding of your digital camera and it's features, as well as some creative image making skills.

   Fee: $199                   Schedule your private one on one class now!



Flash Photography Course.

In our flash photography course, lessons cover use of hot shoe flash units, often referred to as "speedlights", both on and off camera and in multiples. Though small, these units pack a punch and can take your photography to a whole new level. We will look at the different modes available to you, triggering choices, light modifiers, positioning, lighting styles and set ups. You will use flash confidently after this course and your images will prove it.

   Fee: $299                   Schedule your private one on one class now!



Studio Lighting Course.

The studio lighting course will demonstrate and define the finer points of people photography. The course will focus on getting great headshots in a studio environment. We will discuss, compare and evaluate many different light modifiers. We will use a light meter and work through our lighting ideas as we create stunning headshots that could be used for any commercial purpose.

   Fee: $299                   Schedule your private one on one class now!



Outdoor Location Lighting Course.

This is the class for those of you who want to break out of the "I only shoot natural light outside" safety net and make your outdoor images as beautiful as studio shots! We will cover different types of lights, the pros and cons of each, how to put a leash on Mother Nature and much, much more. Drop that natural light crutch and pick up your lighting gear, after this class you won't want to shoot outdoors without lights. *Note - this is a seasonal class and is not usually held from November 1 thru April 1. If there is enough of a demand, we may schedule a winter session or two. Drop us an email and let us know what you think.

   Fee: $299                   Schedule your private one on one class now!



*All classes are private, one on one training sessions for maximum learning. Email us or call 586.996.FOTO (3686) now for details!

**Multi-course and other discounts are available. Call 586.996.FOTO (3686) for more information. Gift certificates also available. All courses must be pre-paid prior to attendance.


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